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Significance of Wearing Letterman Jacket

Whether it rains outside or its blizzard conditions, people regularly wear jackets. The kind of jacket to be worn depends on the climate of that place. It is so rare to see people wear jackets.

Jacket is a way of expression to others. A jacket with your favorite team logo on it would be catching your attention. High school students wear a letterman jacket that proudly displays their team’s school name.

Letterman jacket came with the advent of organized sports which created a need for uniforms. There was an additional need for identifications which was done by the use of emblems or letters. In the year 1865, the university of Harvad was able to wear their letterman jacket with a letter ‘H’ on it. The ‘H’ was being embroidered on the shirt. The football team of the said university started to use this collection in 1875.

A person can be called as letterman if he/she is an active member of any performance school-sponsored activities. The active participant is given the award on a cloth letter with the school’s initials as arecognition to his participation in the school activity.

The letterman jacket is given to elite athletics as practice traditionally. The “lettermen” can be distinguished for other active participants due to the system of the school through the establishment of the minimum level of participation. The other members of the team who fail to meet requirements are jus given a certificate of participation. Some schools continue to base the awarding of letters according to performance.

For the team sports, a participant must have certain number of scores, steals, baskets or tackles, according to position and sport.

Letterman jackets are also known as “Varsity Jackets” . This collection was originated from the letterman sweater. This letterman sweater with a crimson ‘H on it has been used and worn first by the baseball team of Harvard. It is through the school who gives the letter award can recognize students who are worthy to wear this collection. There are schools who give letterman jackets to the letter winners at the awarding ceremony. In some countries like the America and Canada, the giving of letterman jacket is a sign of love especially to the men athlete to their girlfriends. Since the letterman jacket is an award to the athletes, thus this signify honor which in a romantic relationship could mean a sign of an intimate relationship. In the event of a breakup, the girl would return the jacket as a sign of rejection.

This collection of letterman jackets could signify a lot. But one thing for sure, letterman jacket is a sign of honor.