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Guide to the Best Movies to Watch While High

You find that when you are stoned, you just want to chill and watch a flick. There is nothing more that you will enjoy most like kicking back on a sofa with your favorite munchies and watching your favorite movies. It is true that the best movies to watch high are based on the adventure of stoners. Here is a list of the best movies that you should watch while high.

To start with, let us start with pineapple express. Here we are looking at the journey of two stoners Dale Denton and Saul Silver who had to escape a drug lord because Dale witnessed a murder. You find that Saul has been selling CBD strains, Pineapple Express and the strain is extremely rate. Besides, when Dale witnessed the murder, he accidentally dropped some of the strains on the street where his car was parked. Because of that, it makes it easier to track down the two. Generally, the movie is filled with action-packed comedy as Dale and Saul run for their lives while the drug lord and cop are on their tails.

Besides, there is half baked. Here we are talking about four friends who live together, Kenny, Thurgood, Scarface, and Brian. Here they will try to raise money after their friend Kelly was placed in jail. It is essential to note that Kenny accidentally killed a police dog and the jail was set at one million dollars. Because of that, they had to come up with a way to raise that cash. Fortunately, Thurgood is a janitor at a medical laboratory that deals with weeds. Thurgood will them have to steal marijuana from the laboratory. There is also a side-plot where Thurgood becomes interested in a girl named Mary-Jane who is anti-drug. So, he has to jump through hoops to make sure that she does not find out.

Besides, we have Up in Smoke. This movie covers two famous stoners, Cheech and Chong, who find themselves deported to Mexico. Where they arranged with Cheech’s uncle to get a van to drive back to the United States. However, they showed up at the wrong location for the weed. Where they showed up at a shop that produces solids made out of weed. In this place, out of their knowledge, they got a van that is completely made up of marijuana to drive back to the United States. The worst part is that there are police pursuing the marijuana van but Cheech and Chong are oblivious to that.

Step brothers is another movie to watch while high. Here we have the jobless men, Brennen Huff and Doback who are approaching 40n and still live with their parents. In addition, Brennen’s mom ends up marrying Dale’s dad and thus when things start taking a turn. The two are then forced to look for a job which made them come up with a musical duo to tour and earn money.