Checklist Of Disabilities

At this time, singers like Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Drake and Jay-z, Mary J. Blige and Mariah Carey, Shaggy and Adele hit our ears with singles performed on the radio everyday. With slumping record sales and a gluttony of music acts that had been signed to carry out disco songs, the R&B music community returned to its soulful roots and searched desperately for an answer to rectify the problems that plagued it. The reply wasn’t written on the wall, nevertheless it was found in the album “Off The Wall” by Michael Jackson, which helped to transition successful R&B music back into a more “Pop-friendly” format that was similar to R&B in its last heyday of the Motown period.r&b

These two genres are the precursors of R&B, which was created by full-time musicians who overlapped jazz and blues and added s...

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