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Protective Cases for Electronics

When power is given out suddenly in enormous amounts, it leads to the spread of electromagnetic pulses that are destructive. Modern things depend on technology which is powered by electricity and this can lead to its collapse in a situation of very huge amounts of energy being given out. These power bursts can happen naturally when a solar flare and the earth find themselves in a certain position. When nuclear explosions happen, they can lead to the pulses since a lot of energy is emitted by the nuclear explosions. At other times, the pulse could be artificial and targeted using electromagnetic bombs directed in a specific place by enemies.

When this happens, it can lead to a lot of damage to electronics and lead to panicking of people all over. The energy emitted is too much for most devices to handle which would lead to their destruction especially if connected to a power source. Such places as cities would be full of chaos when the energy burst brings down power creating a blackout in such places. It is important to be prepared for such conditions as they can happen anytime and anywhere without prior warning. One can protect their devices such as phones, laptops and other household appliances to prevent the waves from affecting them. Some bags are designed in way that no electromagnetic pulse can get in or out of the bags thus protecting those safely stuffed inside the bags.

Laptops, phones or any other device can have a bag customized to fit it so as to protect them from these energy blasts. A scientist by the name of Faraday invented these bags which are made from silver or aluminum due to their ability to block the waves. These bags are really helpful since they save you on having to buy new gadgets once the situation happens and destroys them. It is good to cover phones using the bags to protect oneself from the pulses being constantly emitted by the phones. There are people who usually steal information from people’s phones and laptops without having physical access to them.

To protect the information stored on such devices, one can put them in the bags to prevent their signals from getting out and risk being intercepted by hackers. It is possible to store personal data in credit cards and other payment methods and these utilities need protection against theft of the data. By covering such utilities as generators and solar panels with such protective bags, one avoids chances of blackouts during such events as energy blasts. The world could find themselves in bad situations when a pulse destroys channels of communication since it would be impossible to even ask for help.

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