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Understanding the Value of Safety Harnesses

Safety is a crucial aspect in safety harnesses as is evident in the name. With their ability to save lives and avoid risks of serious injury, there is still something that you need to keep in mind about them. Clearly, you have to be wearing these safety harnesses and lanyards first if you want them to do their job of protecting your life.

This is so simple to understand. And yet, taking fall protection equipment for granted is something that a lot of people seem to do. There is a good range of industrial safety harnesses that workers can use in workplaces while working with heights. You also wear them even if you are just at home putting up lights or working on your roof. By making sure that you utilize these kinds of equipment, you can save yourself from serious injury and death.

When you are still not sure if these safety harnesses are essential, what follows are a few points to ponder. All around the world, statistics show that non-intentional falling is the main culprit of injury. Recent statistics have proven that non-fatal injuries root from non-intentional falls. Construction industry records also show that 50% of fatal injuries have occurred on construction sites. What makes these numbers saddening is that the cause of the injuries are preventable. You can better protect yourself from serious injury or death when you use industrial safety harnesses and lanyards. Life is indeed too precious to be cut short.

Knowing what you need to stay safe is the first step to keeping yourself free from severe injuries and death while working with heights. In the event of fall, you can prevent any injury or death from happening to you if you use the right gear and equipment. When working with heights, make sure that you are aware of the fall arrest protection system that you should be equipping yourself. If you will be using personal fall protection, you should know that there are two main categories of them. These two categories are named fall arrest and suspension. People who will require the former category are those who will be going up a minimum height of four feet or more. The latter, on the other hand, is an equipment category that is useful for window painting and washing. It allows both hands to work freely.

The main components of fall arrest protection systems include a full-body safety harness, connective device or fall lifeline and lanyard, and anchorage connectors.

You can choose from a variety of styles with industrial safety harnesses. With these different styles, you are given more options for personal fit, comfort, ease of use, D-rings, buckle types, and connection points. Connecting devices such as safety lanyards connect to the safety harness. The safety harness that you are wearing then connects to the tie-off point or anchorage of the system.

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