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When To Prune Trees and Shrubs at Your Home

Once you plant your trees at home, you will be sure that the value of your home will improve. Apart from the money that you get from planting trees, there is still more that you can achieve from these trees. You will have a more appealing appearance of your home once you get to plant trees. Once you take proper care of these trees that you have planted at your home, you will be sure of many more benefits. Carrying out a pruning exercise on your trees when the time is right is the best thing you can do to ensure that you are taking good care of the trees. This article has outlined some of the guidelines on when to prune trees and why.

You must consider the environment in which the trees are growing before you consider that number of times that you must do pruning on them. You will discover that there is great need to do more pruning on the trees that are growing in a conducive environment than those in a harsh one. This is based on the fact that trees that are struggling to grow will always grow at a slower rate than those ones in a good growing environment.

One of the most appropriate times to prune the trees in your home is during late winter. Due to the harsh conditions during this period, you will notice that almost all the trees have reduced their rate of growing. Since there will be a period which will favor the trees in terms of growth, most trees will always preserve their energy for the period. Pruning during this time can be the best as the trees will be in a state of dormancy and so, they will not be affected much. Since the wounds that would have resulted from pruning will heal very fast, you will not suffer the loss of your trees being infected by the plant diseases. It will be advantageous to prune all the trees at home during late winter when the trees are not growing rapidly as you will be able to see where you ought to remove the branches.

Apart from late winter, you can as well do tree pruning in summer. Since trees tend to grow rapidly during spring season, it will be necessary to prune them in summer as it comes immediately after. If the trees you are pruning are those that produce fruits, you will realize high productivity. By doing this, you will have curbed various diseases that would otherwise affect your trees. By the help of professional services such as the Green Tops Tree Service, you can also stop the growth of the already overgrown shrubs that grew during spring. Another advantage of pruning in summer is that you will easily manage the size of fruit bushes.