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Relationship Between Marijuana And Opioid

All over the world, there are concerns in the cases of drug abuse and the effects it is making in the society. Some of these drugs that are highly abused also contain essential health components used in management of various conditions. Among them is opioid and marijuana that modern research indicates they contain effective substances for management of a number of health problems. Opioid is a composition of heroin and opium and is known to be an effective component in pain management.

Use of marijuana has been legalized in a number of states for the purpose of recreation as well as health purposes. By having heroin as part of its composition, opioid has been categorized among the controlled substances by the states. There are high cases of opioid abuse across most regions and this comes despite being one of the controlled substances. This high abuse have also been recorded as the leading cause of drug related deaths in these areas.

One of the solutions that have been identified to reduce cases of these deaths is through application of medical marijuana. Crusaders use this platform as an option to help fight for legalization of the drug. Governments however consider fighting abuse of opioid through criminal enforcement approach in place of treating this as a case of health concern. It is in this respect that those fighting for legalization of marijuana are facing stiff challenge from the state agencies.

The first state to legalize use of marijuana for recreational purposes was Colorado. With this legalization, there was a great reduction in cases of death related to opioid abuse. It is in consideration of this factor that a great connection has been established between marijuana and opioid. A platform to request states to legalize use f marijuana for medical purposes is based on this factor among others.

Using marijuana in place of opioid is a concern that is prevailing among majority of stakeholders and policy makers. Chronic pain is one of the condition as that are known to receive a solution from use of the two drugs. However, medical report indicates that patients prefer use of medical marijuana to opioids. There also limited chances of health marijuana overdose and negative effects. Opioid is highly addictive on the other hand and research indicates that it carries the risk of death when there is an overdose.

There is a rising heat in fight for legalization of marijuana among political circles and this features usage for recreational purposes. The growing trend indicates that there are hopes in legalization of marijuana in more states. This being one of the platform being used, there are high chances of helping in reducing the prevalence of deaths resulting from opioid abuse.