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Reasons Why Many Homeowners Prefer Hardwood Floors to Other Types of Floors

Wooden floors improve the aesthetics of the home and its value. Here are more reasons why many homes have hardwood floors.

Wooden floors are made from different types of hardwood trees. Some of the most used hardwood trees are cherry, oak, walnut, maple, hickory, teak, Douglas fir, birch, pine, beech, alder, and mahogany. The type of tree species determines the hardness and the lifespan of the wooden floor. The wooden floors, however, last long. Special chemical is used to treat the fresh wood after harvesting to keep away termites. Moisture and liquids cannot damage the wood because a protective, smooth layer that is non-porous is used to cover the wood.

The floor is environmentally friendly. Waste is minimized when people use hardwood floors. Renovation of concrete and tile floors leaves behind waste that does not decompose. If there will be a need to renovate the floor, the wood can be used to make manure for your garden. There are many different ways of reusing the wooden remains after renovating the floor.

There are many different designs of wooden floors. There are species of the hardwood trees that produce wood that has unique tones. You can pick between unfinished and finished designs of hardwood floors. Dark and lighter shades of these tones are generated when the wood is varnished, tanned or stained. You can also paint the wooden floor.

Maintenance costs of hardwood floors are minimal. The floor lasts longer if it is exposed to less scrubbing and abrasive detergents because they wear out the protective layer quickly thus exposing the wood to liquids and moisture. Cleaning dirt ad tough stains from the hardwood floor is easy.

The experts will take a few days to finish installing or renovating hardwood floors. There are various patterns of hardwood floors such as the random, straight, diagonal, parquet and herringbone patterns. The hardwood floor cannot be damaged when you move into the house immediately the installation or renovation is complete, but this is not the case with cement and concrete floors because they cement takes a few days to dry and the tiles need time to stick.

Hardwood floors are good insulators hence they keep the house warm during winter. You need floor heaters when you have concrete and tiled floors because they are cold in winter, thus exposing your family to pneumonia.

You can lay carpets on the hardwood floor because it is not slippery. The hardwood floor minimizes the risk of accidental falls that are caused by slipping on the floor.

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